still in hell

20 years of tan­ta­lis­ing films that never es­caped Devel­op­ment Hell…

SFX - - Still in hell -


First men­tioned: # 47 How is this not green­lit al­ready with a name like that?


First men­tioned: # 51 Guillermo del Toro was to adapt Akira cre­ator Kat­suhiro Otomo’s hor­ror manga about an old man with psy­chic pow­ers who holds si­lent sway over an apart­ment block.

Brother Ter­mite

First men­tioned: # 54 James Cameron ac­quired the rights to Pa­tri­cia An­thony’s tale of po­lit­i­cal in­trigue about aliens who’ve oc­cu­pied the United States. The film was never pro­duced. The lizard men told him not to.

The Tripods

First men­tioned: # 56 Touch­stone was con­sid­er­ing a film ver­sion of John Christo­pher’s YA War Of The Worlds, with Gra­ham Yost ( Bro­ken Ar­row) at­tached to di­rect.

Bat­tle­field Earth 2

First men­tioned: # 62 Oddly enough, only ever men­tioned be­fore the first movie came out.

The Stain­less Steel Rat

First men­tioned: # 67 It’s gen­uinely crim­i­nal that Harry Har­ri­son’s won­der­fully gnarly space hero has never made the big screen, but he came close in 2000 when direc­tor Jan de Bont and Twen­ti­eth Cen­tury Fox came sniff­ing.

The I nvis­i­bles

First men­tioned: # 85 Grant Mor­ri­son’s bizarro psy­chic in­ves­ti­ga­tors on screen? Yes please. The Far­relly broth­ers di­rect­ing? Erm, maybe not.

At The Moun­tains Of Mad­ness

First men­tioned: # 97 Guillermo del Toro’s cher­ished Love­craft project seems to pop up in Devel­op­ment Hell ev­ery time he fin­ishes an­other project. Maybe one day…


First men­tioned: # 98 The live- ac­tion ver­sion of the in­fa­mous anime is still on the cusp of es­cap­ing Devel­op­ment Hell to­day…

For­ever Man

First men­tioned: # 103 Stan Lee was ap­par­ently de­vel­op­ing a su­per­hero specif­i­cally for the big screen “with unique pow­ers”. Not com­mon ones.

The Flash

First men­tioned: # 137 David S Goyer’s take on the Fastest Man Alive cropped up many times in Devel­op­ment Hell. What makes it es­pe­cially in­trigu­ing is a quote from prospec­tive star Ryan Reynolds, who men­tioned, “I think God’s fi­nanc­ing it…” which we think means the script was un­filmably ex­pen­sive.

Won­der Woman

First men­tioned: # 129 Specif­i­cally the Joss Whe­don- scripted ver­sion. Bet Warner wish they’d gone for it now.

The Black Hole

First men­tioned: # 192 Tron: Le­gacy helmer Joseph Kosin­ski was hop­ing to re­make Dis­ney’s space opera. Pre­sum­ably they’re still try­ing to write the end­ing ( not that the orig­i­nal both­ered).


First men­tioned: # 205 Rus­sell Brand as an ir­ri­tat­ing jester? Sounds like per­fect cast­ing in this big- screen ver­sion of the BBC kid- com of the ’ 70s about ca­reer spooks. Yet to be ex­humed. Dave Golder

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