“Red Dwarf went so meta that SFX it­self popped up in the ac­tion”

SFX - - The sfx years | 2005 - 2009 -

com­pany was mak­ing great films, with smart di­rec­to­rial and script­ing choices.

The true screen su­per­hero rev­e­la­tion, though, came from Christo­pher Nolan. Marvel were mak­ing great comic book movies. Nolan, with Bat­man Be­gins and even more so with The Dark Knight, was cre­at­ing a whole new par­a­digm – the ur­ban thriller su­per­hero movie. Comic books were the in­spi­ra­tion; they were not the defin­ing aes­thetic.

Justina Rob­son, Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch and John Courte­nay Grim­wood were mak­ing waves in the lit­er­ary world, while Marvel Comics re­leased the bril­liant Civil War minis­eries. Keep an eye on the big screen for that one…

But most im­por­tantly of all, a guy with a freeze gun in­vited us all to sing along as he found the words to tell us how he felt... Dave Golder

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