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“I don’t want us to be the cast that killed the fran­chise.” Con­nor Trin­neer, Star Trek: En­ter­prise (# 129) “When you reach the level of ge­nius I have, ego falls by the way­side.” Joss Whe­don (# 136) “I’ve al­ways been a skinny streak of piss so we might as well ac­cept that.” David Ten­nant (# 143) “We’ve de­signed at least four sea­sons un­til we get to the point where it’s, ‘ Now we’re mak­ing stuff up as we go along.’” Da­mon Lin­de­lof on Lost (# 149) “This is not the 21st cen­tury I was promised when I started read­ing science fic­tion.” Ken MacLeod (# 157)

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