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Here’s an ex­clu­sive, time-bend­ing peek at our 40th an­niver­sary is­sue…

SFX - - Sfx 2035 -

1 Pa­per? Ink? iPads? That’s so hope­lessly 2015. Ev­ery is­sue of SFX is trans­mit­ted di­rect to your per­sonal Smartsheet ™ , the fold­able, scrunch­able read­ing medium of the fu­ture! 2 Each Smartsheet ™ can also hold a near- in­fi­nite num­ber of SFX back is­sues, al­low­ing you to mock 2015 Couch Potato fash­ion choices from the com­fort and safety of the fu­ture! 3 Sim­ply strap on a pair of Real­i­ty­gogs ™ to im­merse your­self in our vir­tual let­ters pages. You too can ar­gue the toss with the holo­gram­matic avatars of fel­low read­ers! 4 Cut­ting edge quan­tum jour­nal­ism brings you the hottest news from par­al­lel di­men­sions and be­yond. This is­sue: dis­cover the 1,792 ac­tors cast as the 20th Doc­tor! 5 Does your stressed- out cy­bergimp life­style leave you no time to read? No prob­lem. An op­tional nasal ap­pli­ca­tor lets you upload a solid Data- booger ™ straight to your cere­bral cor­tex!

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