You guys let us know your hopes for the Star Wars An­thol­ogy movies, among many other things.

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I would love Mara Jade from the Ex­panded Uni­verse to have her own movie and be el­e­vated to of­fi­cial canon! I’d hate to see Dis­ney cock- up twice over and pull an Avengers/ Black Widow- style mess, with no fe­male- led Star Wars movies for years on end. Mara Jade has such a great char­ac­ter arc and so much op­por­tu­nity for great ac­tion scenes. And depend­ing where you take her story she could be tied into the main fran­chise via Sky­walker.

Cast­ing- wise, how does Bat­tlestar’s Ka­tee Sack­hoff look with red hair? Let’s find out please! ( Watch Ocu­lus – Ed) Caveat: do not cos­tume her in that hideous, tacky, fan- ser­vicey cat­suit! It’s such an il­log­i­cal out­fit for some­one of her pro­fes­sion/ life­style.

Amy Dohnt, via Face­book

Aside from the ob­vi­ous ones – back­sto­ries for Han and Chewie and Boba Fett – I think the most in­ter­est­ing po­ten­tial movies for ex­ist­ing Star Wars char­ac­ters would be fo­cused on Princess Leia prior to A New Hope ( how does she go from adopted roy­alty to Rebel leader?) and Obi- Wan Kenobi ( what was he do­ing be­tween Re­venge Of The Sith and A New Hope?).

Ge­orge Lu­cas mas­sively screwed up with Darth Maul – killed too soon, never given the op­por­tu­nity to de­velop into a ful­lyfledged char­ac­ter. A movie on his back­story could be tremen­dous if han­dled prop­erly.

Mark Rae, Mon­trose

Sa­muel L Jack­son in a stand­alone Mace Windu movie based on/ adapted from/ in­spired by Yo­jimbo. It would ac­tu­ally give

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