Thanks For The Mem­o­ries

Meet Dark Mat­ter’s for­get­ful crew

SFX - - Red alert -

With sev­eral strong per­son­al­i­ties on the ship, some­one has to take charge. That duty falls on Two’s shoul­ders. “The fact that she is such a quick learner and an in­cred­i­ble fighter al­lows her to as­sume that po­si­tion with­out too much re­sis­tance,” says star Melissa O’Neil. “If there is any re­sis­tance, she deals with it swiftly. Un­der­neath all that, I like to think she has a good, strong moral compass. She’s a ra­tio­nal, crit­i­cal thinker. Two gets the job done and she likes to be ef­fi­cient.” Ev­ery team has that loose can­non. In Dark Mat­ter’s case, it’s Three, who ac­tor An­thony Lemke says is the swash­buck­ling Han Solo archetype. “My char­ac­ter is the one who em­braces his past,” ex­plains Lemke. “He says, ‘ Al­right. This is who we are. At least we’re good at some­thing. Let’s be that and not be some­thing we’re not. Let’s be mer­ce­nar­ies and feed our­selves by be­ing the bad asses that we are.’ He doesn’t seek to change or rec­tify or seek re­demp­tion. That’s not his path.” Marc Ben­david, who plays One, has never stepped on a space­ship be­fore, let alone starred in a genre TV se­ries, but he seems to be en­joy­ing it. “I’ve run through ex­plod­ing hall­ways,” he says. “I floated up in zero grav­ity and got smashed down to the ground. I’ve got­ten my butt se­verely kicked by my co- star on the first day of shoot­ing. One of the ear­lier fight se­quences that we did on a wire, I did my­self… We did a scene in a wind tun­nel blow­ing us down the hall­way. It’s all fun stuff.”

sci- fact! R2- D2 and C- 3PO step aside. Not ev­ery key char­ac­ter is hu­man. The An­droid ( Zoie Palmer), plays a cru­cial part in aid­ing the crew. “The droid is es­sen­tially our con­nec­tion to the ship,” says O’Neil. “She is the one who knows how to work this sys­tem be­cause we don’t have any of our mem­o­ries. The droid has some se­crets we’re slowly fig­ur­ing out, but she’s a so­phis­ti­cated and per­son­al­ity- punched char­ac­ter for us. We could not func­tion with­out the droid.”

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