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I t’s p ilot s ea­son a nd that can mean only one thing – loads of new shows to look for­ward to this au­tumn! The list of newly con­firmed se­ries in­clude: Ar­row/ Flash spin- off DC’s Leg­ends Of To­mor­row; Su­per­girl, star­ring Melissa Benoist; film adap­ta­tion Mi­nor­ity Re­port; Lu­cifer, a po­lice pro­ce­dural based on the char­ac­ter from Neil Gaiman’s Sand­man and star­ring Mi­randa’s Tom El­lis; Lim­itl ess, a TV se­quel to the Bradley Cooper film; com­edy An­gelF rom Hell ; Franken­stein Co de, star­ring Rob Kazin­sky as a mod­ern- day Frank; an adap­ta­tion of clas­sic videogame Myst on Hulu; a Ro bo­cop web­series on Ma­chin­ima which will be filmed from RoboCop’s per­spec­tive; a new se­ries fea­tur­ing The Mup­pets; fairy­tale show Emeral d City, which al­most made it to se­ries last year; Co rdon from The Vam­pire Di­aries’ Julie Plec about a city put into quar­an­tine af­ter a deadly vi­ral out­break; and a twohour Rocky Hor­ror pic­ture sho w TV movie. Phew!

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“I des­per­ately wanted to do a Bat­man film – who doesn’t? And I wanted to do Won­der Woman. I was a Marvel kid grow­ing up, but I was al­ways DC- cu­ri­ous.”

DC would be wise to hire Joss Whe­don sharpish.

Favourite SF/ fan­tasy Film

Prob­a­bly Alien. That was the movie that made me want to be a film­maker. Ac­tu­ally, I was well on my way to be­com­ing a psy­chi­a­trist. I was tak­ing an ex­per­i­men­tal psy­chol­ogy class, and my [ pro­posed] ex­per­i­ment was “Do you get more out of a movie if you un­der­stand the psy­cho­log­i­cal sub­text to it or do you get more out of be­ing a pop­corn viewer?” I had a fo­cus group see­ing Alien, just as a pop­corn ex­pe­ri­ence. Then an­other group see­ing it with de­tailed pic­tures of how the mon­ster has a pe­nis head and Mother be­trays her chil­dren and there’s fal­lop­ian tubes as space­ships and vagina walls as doors. My in­struc­tor was like, “What are you do­ing here? You need to go to film school.”

Favourite SF/ fan­tasy TV

Prob­a­bly one of my all- time favourite TV shows was The Mun­sters. It was my in­tro­duc­tion to the Uni­ver­sal Mon­sters. I saw it when I was like three or four years old, go­ing, “Who are th­ese peo­ple?” Then I saw what they were in­spired by, and it changed the way I looked at movies.

Favourite SF/ fan­tasy Book

Geek Love by Kather­ine Dunn. I would kill to make a movie of it. It’s a fan­tas­tic story, which, at its heart, has a fam­ily of freaks who care very much about each other and also cel­e­brate how dif­fer­ent they are from one an­other.

Favourite SF/ fan­tasy Hero

As a kid I loved Won­der Woman and I loved Aqua­man. If I had an op­por­tu­nity to write a DC movie, I would write ei­ther a Won­der Woman or an Aqua­man movie. That would be a blast. Be­lieve me, [ Warner Broth­ers] knows that I want to do it!

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