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Like Han Solo? How about Mal­colm Reynolds? Then meet sar­cas­tic John ( Aaron Ash­more), his dam­aged ex- GI brother D’Avin ( Luke Mac­far­lane), and the beau­ti­ful but deadly Dutch ( Hannah John- Ka­men) — three fun- lov­ing bounty hun­ters just try­ing to make a living in a galaxy tee­ter­ing on the brink of war. “It’s a show about a sort of fam­ily,” says Mac­far­lane, “be­cause we all do travel around to­gether on this space­ship. And we have very dif­fer­ent per­son­al­i­ties, but we also in­ter­act like a fam­ily. John’s my brother, we fight. Like ev­ery good fam­ily, it’s to­tally dys­func­tional. There’s a com­edy or a hu­man­ness to that part of the show. It’s not all just us stabbing and killing and shoot­ing peo­ple.”


gov­ern­ing body called the Rack. That’s the peo­ple who will li­cense them, make sure that they are fol­low­ing their war­rants, and es­ca­lat­ing them as they get higher. When you are a Level 2, there’s cer­tain war­rants you can do. When you’re a Level 3, you can do more. When you’re 4 and 5 – so it goes up. 4 is ‘ live and dead’, which means you bring some­one in and ide­ally you bring them in alive, but if they hap­pen to die en route… Meh. You have a li­cence, it’s fine. So it al­lows us, ev­ery week, to have a dif­fer­ent story and a dif­fer­ent sort of war­rant.” “We’ve all seen a lot of shows where you get on a ship and ev­ery week is a new civil­i­sa­tion,” says Lovretta. “We ex­plore a more con­fined uni­verse. We have a neigh­bour­hood that our peo­ple pa­trol, which is a planet called Kresh and her three moons. So as we ex­plore those ar­eas, we meet new peo­ple. But it’s all used to build a larger world that we get to go to and meet peo­ple again and


sci- fact! again. So we re­tain the nov­elty of where you go on a mission, but we have now added a dif­fer­ent sense of world‑build­ing to it and a sense of com­mu­nity that, through th­ese great char­ac­ters, we get to ex­plore.” Lovretta has­tens to re­mark, “It would be in­cor­rect for us to paint it as a space West­ern. It does have West­ern el­e­ments be­cause [ like] all things that have a sense of adventure and size and romp fac­tor to them, you can cor­re­late a lit­tle bit with that sort of world. But it has more of a science fic­tion bent to it. So it’s more to­wards Blade Run­ner than it would be to­wards the West­ern… There’s a lot of com­ment on class be­cause of­ten the thing that dis­tin­guishes one coun­try or one planet from an­other is their level of wealth.”


“I prom­ise zero suc­cubi and zero vam­pires,” laughs Lovretta, who also cre­ated Lost Girl. “It’s all about space. Space is an adventure be­cause it’s lim­it­less… We don’t take the world too se­ri­ously, but we take the au­di­ence very se­ri­ously. And we want them to feel re­spected – their in­tel­li­gence, their sense of fun, their un­der­stand­ing of tropes that ex­ist in the genre. We have fun with them, and we make them our own.”


Killjoys airs from Fri­day 19 June on Syfy US. A UK air­date is TBC.

Videogame Dark Souls’ Hannah JohnKa­men stars as Lucy. They’re like su­per­ef­fi­cient bounty hun­ters, only bet­ter look­ing.

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