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Afight­ing in­vad­ing aliens the battle for planet Earth fi­nally comes to a head in the fifth, and fi­nal, sea­son of Fall­ing Skies. The end of sea­son four left be­lea­guered hero Tom Ma­son ( Noah Wyle) in the far reaches of space, gaz­ing at a weapon that will im­pact sea­son five. While on Earth, Tom’s sons are go­ing on the of­fen­sive against newly power core- less Espheni.

Co- ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer/ direc­tor Olatunde Osun­sanmi, who di­rects the two- part sea­son opener and the all- im­por­tant fi­nal episode of sea­son five, tells Red Alert that the show will pick up pretty much where the sea­son four fi­nale left off. “The end of sea­son four was a mind- ben­der and the be­gin­ning is a mind- ben­der too,” he en­thuses. “Our showrun­ner, David Eick, came up with a re­ally cool way into sea­son five.”

“This sea­son is about the fi­nal push and try­ing to com­plete the fi­nal push,” Osun­sanmi says. “They de­stroyed the power core at the end of sea­son four but now they still have all the Skit­ters and the other dif­fer­ent aliens on the planet. It’s about at­tempt­ing to fin­ish the job. There’s also all of this pent- up rage from the hu­mans. They’ve taken our moth­ers, our fa­thers, our chil­dren and we’ve fi­nally had enough.”

And fans can ex­pect to see that rage in all of its vis­ceral glory. “This sea­son is prob­a­bly the most bru­tal and vi­o­lent we’ve seen,” Osun­sanmi says with sin­cer­ity. “I’ve got stan­dards and prac­tices con­stantly telling us to stop and go back. But it’s not just gra­tu­itous. They are at war and we are see­ing a se­ries of fi­nal bat­tles. The bat­tles have been big­ger than they’ve ever been. We’re try­ing to push it from ev­ery an­gle: vis­ually, stylis­ti­cally and do all we can to max it out.”

But the pro­ducer/ direc­tor is quick to add that char­ac­ter mo­ments won’t be buried in the melee. “The show is re­ally about fam­ily. It’s about the Ma­sons and the fam­ily that grew out of them in the 2nd Mass. And Tom goes fur­ther than he’s ever gone into the rage and re­venge in this sea­son. He even pulls the 2nd Mass into it which makes this sea­son fas­ci­nat­ing. It’s about how far Tom’s will­ing to go to win this world. It’s the story that sur­prised me the most. Also there are peo­ple who die along the way that we’re not go­ing to ex­pect. I al­most wish I wasn’t be­hind the cam­era so I could en­joy the end just as a fan!” The fi­nal sea­son of Fall­ing Skies airs on Fox UK from 30 June 2015.

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