The Last Ship Ground Zero

SFX - - Red alert - By Grabthar’s ham­mer! Para­mount to bring back a s a

WShip – the Michael Bay- pro­duced postapoc­a­lyp­tic se­ries about a crew of navy of­fi­cers fight­ing to save hu­man­ity – saw the crew find a means of stop­ping the virus that’s rav­aged their world, sea­son two now presents an even big­ger chal­lenge for the group.

“Sea­son one was about find­ing the cure,” says co- cre­ator Steven Kane. “Sea­son two is about get­ting the cure out there and see­ing what’s left of Amer­ica and how we can fix it. How we can get, on a prac­ti­cal level, the vac­cine man­u­fac­tured and dis­trib­uted and com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tems up and run­ning so peo­ple can know that the cure’s out there. And also, what are we fac­ing when we get to Amer­ica? The real Amer­ica, out­side of this crazy world we’re in now. What else is out there? Is the rest of Amer­ica like Bal­ti­more, or is the rest of Amer­ica com­pletely fine? They don’t know. So it’s a dis­cov­ery.”

Kane ex­plains that in ex­plor­ing the ef­fects of the apoca­lypse, the show harkens “back to a dif­fer­ent time in our his­tory, when the coun­try was frac­tured. That was the Civil War. Be­cause the ship heads south, and they go on­line a lot more. So they dis­cover a coun­try that’s re­ally in flux, law­less­ness. There’s no fed­eral gov­ern­ment. Peo­ple are try­ing to sur­vive the best they can. There are new enemies out there, for­eign and do­mes­tic.”

“Some of the chal­lenges our char­ac­ters are faced with,” adds ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Jack Ben­der, “are peo­ple who may be nat­u­rally im­mune. If you are nat­u­rally im­mune, you may not want every­body be­ing cured for the greater good, be­cause you are in a very pow­er­ful po­si­tion. So bring­ing the cure to every­body is the great equaliser, and our char­ac­ters may face some real ob­sta­cles along those lines.” Galaxy Quest TV show.

Direc­tor David Robert Mitchell cre­at­ing Mr Post­man, about a mail­man who in­ves­ti­gates dark mys­ter­ies.

Ka­tee Sack­hoff re­turn­ing to sci- fi TV with fu­tur­is­tic se­ries Rain .

Th e X- Fi les re­boot en­lists orig­i­nal se­ries writ­ers James Wong and Glen Mor­gan, but Break­ing Bad cre­ator Vince Gil­li­gan is out.

In other X- Fi les news the minis­eries will air from 24 Jan­uary 2016 on Fox US. Ex­pect a UK air­date shortly af­ter.

What’s unique about your hero, Jack Forster?

On one level, he’s not at all unique – he’s an every­man who’s been shafted by the cor­po­rate world. He could be any one of us. On the other hand, he’s got a fe­ro­ciously pow­er­ful, glee­fully psy­chotic mil­i­tary AI that thinks it’s a ven­tril­o­quist’s dummy living in his head and count­ing down the days un­til it takes over his body. So, prob­a­bly that!

“I think I over- pitched the com­edy. If I had my time again

I’d do the com­edy very dif­fer­ently. I think where I did pos­si­bly suc­ceed was in the tor­tured stuff; sur­prise, sur­prise!”

Seems Christo­pher Ec­cle­ston is his own harsh­est

critic when it comes to his Doc­tor.

Which SF/ Fan­tasy au­thors would you like to be com­pared to in a dream re­view?

There are so many! JG Bal­lard for his cold, in­ci­sive re­al­ism, Leigh Brack­ett for her vi­sion­ary world build­ing, Wil­liam Gibson for his un­der­stand­ing of how me­dia shapes re­al­ity.

“I’m sorry, are you sup­posed to be here?”

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