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“I’d like a se­ries of spaghetti Western­style Boba Fett films”

big Sam some­thing to do with the char­ac­ter, and take the Jedi back to their cre­ative roots. That would blow my mind!

Ogeer­af­fgo, via Games­Radar+ I’d like to see a se­ries of spaghetti West­ern- style Boba Fett movies, with ti­tles such as To­day All Ewoks Die At Dawn, Bring Me The Head Of Jar Jar Binks, Death Wears A Jet­pack, A Cof­fin For Han Solo, and Greedo Shoots Last, Dies First.

Glen Har­ri­son I’d like to see a se­ries of movies telling how Darth Vader found out about Luke, and also the events Ja­son McLaugh­lin sent us a pic of an orig­i­nal Star Wars poster from 1978. “My fa­ther was friends with the manager of the lo­cal Clas­sic Cinema, and he gave him loads of un­wanted cinema posters for me to hang up on my wall,” says Ja­son. “Most of them got per­ma­nently stuck to one of my bed­room walls with wall­pa­per paste as a cool al­ter­na­tive to nor­mal wall­pa­per. For some rea­son ( thank­fully) I de­cided to stick this be­tween Episode IV and V.

David Cole, via Face­book Christina Hen­dricks to play the tyran­ni­cal leader of a crazed ma­tri­ar­chal so­ci­ety build­ing a new Death Star; Ryan Reynolds and Will Fer­rell to play co- work­ers for the Em­pire who go on a ben­der and find the Force.

@ SciFitenisGamer, via twit­ter A pre­quel to Knights Of The Old Repub­lic would be cool. Or one set some­time af­ter­wards. Just a movie set in an era where there are lots of Jedi and lots of Sith in a ma­jor con­flict would be awe­some!

re­mosu37, via Games­Radar+ on the ad­ja­cent wall with just your nor­mal Blu- Tack and drawing pins!” Adam Carter of Vec­tis says:

What a poster to have on your bed­room wall, Ja­son. And thanks for sav­ing it by not past­ing it to the wall! We can only imag­ine ( in de­spair) what other greats you had act­ing as wall­pa­per! The Star Wars poster you own is the third of the regular Bri­tish quad posters, of­ten re­ferred to as the “Awards Style”, and was printed in 1978 af­ter Star Wars won awards at the Os­cars. The other two styles in­clude the stan­dard quad, which is al­most iden­ti­cal to yours, but lacks any awards in­for­ma­tion; and the first Star Wars quad, known as the “Hilde­brandt quad”, named af­ter the broth­ers who de­signed it, also printed in 1977.


Now that’s a good old fash­ioned ex­plo­sion.

Should Mace Windu strike out alone?

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