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Chase Master­son (“SFX stood up for geek­dom way be­fore it was cool. Love and re­spect!”); Mary Bick­nell (“Happy 20th birth­day – the years may have zoomed by but here you are still look­ing great”); To­bias Sturt (“I re­mem­ber sit­ting in the pub amazed at this mag that catered to my ev­ery nerd need with such panache”); Steven El­lis (“Thanks for all the friends your fo­rum helped me find – I wouldn’t have a son if it wasn’t for you”); Danny (“SFX has been a con­stant re­minder that I am not alone and other geeks ex­isted in the world”); Ver­ity Hayter (“Be­cause of SFX, I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had”); Daft_ Aider (“Still re­mem­ber me and my school­mate com­bin­ing our lunch money for the first is­sue. Now I feel old!”); la_ jelly­bean (“For years you were my sole link to geek­ery, then you be­came my on­line home, and I met the love of my life there. Thank you”); Cher­ry­Bomb (“I dis­cov­ered con­ven­tions, cos­play and half the peo­ple I know on­line be­cause of you!”); Clown Asy­lum (“Thanks for two decades of peer­less SFF jour­nal­ism, and the friends I made cos of your ex­is­tence”); Al­lan San­some (“Jeez that went quick, re­mem­ber buy­ing is­sue three – and hav­ing to search top shelves for the first few years!”); Ste­fan Mo­hamed (“May you still be pro­duced and en­joyed within the sen­tient space- faring nan­ocloud that hu­man­ity even­tu­ally be­comes”); Lisa Keenan (” SFX flung me head­first into fandom, be it Buffy, Smal­lville, Su­per­nat­u­ral or Be­ing Hu­man. Thank you!”); Saud Un­dre (“You guys keep me sane and proud of my geeky self and nerdy bones”); Ian (“The main thing I adore is that the mag­a­zine reads like you are with mates!”);

mars_ stu (“Thank you for 20 years of fun – and for mak­ing sci- fi fans feel wanted, loved, and re­spected”) and many many more. You guys are the best.

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