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Mo­toko Ku­sanagi

Scar­lett jo­hans­son

Ba­tou Ron Perl­man

The Pup­pet Mas­ter Willem Dafoe ( VO ICE)

A Ja­panese actress play­ing the main role Kirsty Leanne

I don’t want to see a live- ac­tion ver­sion, thanks. Stephen Floyd

So long as it ’s not as bad as Dragonball Evo­lu­tion I’ll be happy. Pete El­wes

A cy­ber­tank battle that goes on for more than two min­utes, like the orig­i­nal. Dou­glas Lan­son

I’d love a sound­track that was in­spired by, if not iden­ti­cal, to Kenji Kawai’s orig­i­nal. John Bur­rell

Make the plot more com­pre­hen­si­ble. I never un­der­stood a thing that was go­ing on in the orig­i­nal. Cass Selby

Tone down the nu­dity. It works in an­i­ma­tion but could feel gra­tu­itous in live ac­tion. Tracey Bul­lock

Please Hol­ly­wood, leave well alone, you don’t know what you’re do­ing. Ja­son Phillips

Cover the Laugh­ing Man case from Stand Alone Com­plex rather than The Pup­pet Mas­ter. Or set up Laugh­ing Man for the se­quel. Amy Garey

Mamoru Oshii re­cently made the leap to live ac­tion, get him to di­rect in­stead of Ru­pert San­ders – Snow White And The Hunts­man was bob­bins. Ann Easton

Jen­nifer Lawrence or Noomi Ra­pace as the Ma­jor. Syd Hunter

For the love of all that is holy don’t put Scar­lett Jo­hans­son’s head on a young girl’s body at the end or you may scar me for life. Matthew Og­den

Don’t sim­plify the story for the sake of the ac­tion. Part of what makes Ghost In The Shell great are the com­plex ideas it tack­les. El­liot Thursten

I al­ways pre­ferred Akira, so I’m glad that seems to be stuck in devel­op­ment hell rather than this. Carey Ness

As lit­tle CGI as pos­si­ble. I want the world to feel real. Ed Bond

Don’t bother with the big screen, adapt Stand Alone Com­plex on AMC or HBO . Nick Carl

A ghost and a shell. Tom Kennedy

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