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2 What is Stan Lee’s real name? Why did he change his name? 3 What was the name of Stan’s regular ed­i­to­rial col­umn in Marvel comics? 4 Stan’s 1941 comic book de­but was a text story – which hero did it fea­ture? 5 What did Stan award Marvel read­ers who had spot­ted a goof ? 0- 5 The Hulk 6 Which Marvel hero starred in a Stan- scripted, drugth­emed story con­tro­ver­sially pub­lished with­out the Comic Code Author­ity’s seal of ap­proval? 7 Who was the first artist on Stan’s Spidey news­pa­per strip? 8 Which Kevin Smith movie does Stan ap­pear in? 9 Spi­der- Man first ap­peared in which is­sue of what ti­tle? Who was the last Marvel su­per­hero Stan cre­ated? 1 1 Which ’ 90s TV icon voiced Stan’s bur­lesque- themed su­perheroine Strip­perella?

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Thor Who were the first Marvel he­roes cre­ated by Stan and Jack Kirby? Which New York street did Stan and his fam­ily live on from 1952 to 1980? a) Parker Lane b) Richards Lane c) Ban­ner Lane? What colour skin did Stan orig­i­nally choose for the In­cred­i­ble Hulk?

20 What does Stan’s sign- off “Excelsior!” ac­tu­ally mean?


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