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How does your char­ac­ter, Claire Dear­ing, fit into Juras­sic World?

She ba­si­cally runs the park. Where we start with this film, it’s John Ham­mond’s dream come to life. It’s a fully func­tional op­er­a­tional park that is work­ing. Her re­spon­si­bil­ity is to make sure that ba­si­cally the first film doesn’t hap­pen and to keep up with the times and to have it be prof­itable and all of that. She’s sort of Holly Hunter- es­que from Broad­cast News. She’s Type A and not en­tirely self aware, but has mo­ments of clar­ity, for sure, and is kind of funny, though it’s at her ex­pense. She has a lot of grav­i­tas and power and drive and her hu­man­ity emerges in un­ex­pected mo­ments. She’s a re­ally multidimensional, lay­ered, com­plex lady that gets to be part of this spec­ta­cle. What’s Claire’s re­la­tion­ship with Owen like?

The way Chris and I talked about it was Ro­manc­ing The Stone. It’s a lit­tle like that. We also ref­er­ence It Hap­pened One Night and those ’ 40s clas­sic ban­tery char­ac­ter dy­nam­ics where it’s two peo­ple from two dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives and two dif­fer­ent walks of life who need to team up to­gether. It starts off with ten­sion, then turns into ro­man­tic ten­sion, and then they ul­ti­mately be­come a team. It was so fun to play. It just felt so clas­sic. There were lots of op­por­tu­ni­ties for hu­mour. My gosh, it was Chris Pratt! It was a blast. Did you have to do any homework on dinosaurs?

Lis­ten, I have an eight- year- old son, so dinosaurs are part of our day- to- day life! The funny part is, al­ways in read­ing books to him and what­not, I’m just ter­ri­ble in the pro­nun­ci­a­tion of th­ese di­nosaur names. He, from a very young age, was al­ways cor­rect­ing me. So fi­nally I felt in a way I’ve been pre­par­ing for this the last six years of my life read­ing di­nosaur books to my son. He must have been so im­pressed you were go­ing to work with dinosaurs.

Oh my gosh, it was very ex­cit­ing for both my chil­dren, but it has cer­tainly been the source of some night­mares for my daugh­ter, where she’s like, “I don’t want any dinosaurs to come into my room tonight!” At the be­gin­ning, you got a kick out of say­ing, “I’m work­ing with dinosaurs.” And then I think my daugh­ter took that too se­ri­ously, and now I’m try­ing to undo that trauma [ laughs].

You can do it! Fly, lit­tle bird, fly!

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