“there’s noth­ing more im­por­tant in the star wars uni­verse than the fans”

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com­pletely self- suf­fi­cient and very soli­tary. Un­til she meets an­other char­ac­ter [ Finn], and an adventure be­gins.” Finn, adds Boyega – a huge Star Wars fan who got Har­ri­son Ford to sign a Han Solo ac­tion fig­ure on set – “is in in­cred­i­ble dan­ger. The way he de­cides to re­act to this dan­ger changes his life, and launches him into the Star Wars Uni­verse in a very unique way.” Isaac, mean­while, says Poe is “the best freakin’ pi­lot in the galaxy. He’s been sent on a mission by a cer­tain princess, and he ends up com­ing across Mr John Boyega’s char­ac­ter, and their fates are for­ever in­ter­twined.”

Abrams stresses his in­tent to re­cap­ture the weath­ered look of the first three Star Wars films. “One of the things I loved so much about the orig­i­nal tril­ogy was that sense of ev­ery­thing be­ing lived in and used. It was a world of un­der­dogs and you just felt like you were fight­ing against an en­emy that was big­ger and larger… The look and the feel of that tech­nol­ogy – be­ing any­thing but pris­tine, any­thing but brand new – was re­ally im­por­tant. There needs to be a con­trast. The amaz­ing aes­thetic, again, the bril­liance of what Ge­orge did, the con­trast be­tween the gleam­ing Em­pire and the dusty Cantina. We’re very much fol­low­ing that feel­ing. This movie takes place decades af­ter Jedi. So this film needs to fol­low suit.”

Ac­cord­ing to Car­rie Fisher – who ap­peared on stage along­side orig­i­nal stars An­thony Daniels, Peter May­hew and Mark Hamill – Princess Leia will once more have a new ’ do. “The buns are re­tired now. So we’re prob­a­bly not gonna have the fu­tur­is­tic buns. But I think we have an al­ter­nate thing you’ll be very into. Which is not the metal bikini, I prom­ise.” As for the pres­ence of other fe­males in the ex­pand­ing Star Wars Uni­verse, Fisher says, “I liked be­ing the only one when I was 19 and that was pos­si­ble. But now I need some backup.”

Per­haps as a re­sponse to many fans’ be­lief that their feel­ings were ig­nored by Ge­orge Lu­cas through­out pro­duc­tion of the pre­quel tril­ogy, Kennedy de­clares, “I don’t think there’s any­thing more im­por­tant in the Star Wars Uni­verse than the fans. That gen­er­a­tional ex­pe­ri­ence is re­ally im­por­tant, and it’s ev­ery­thing in terms of the fu­ture of Star Wars. You guys en­er­gise us, so thank you.” Isaac men­tioned his own ex­pe­ri­ence as a fan helped him over­come his ner­vous­ness in ac­cept­ing his role, win­ning huge laughs when he ex­plained how he cranked up the Star Wars theme, grabbed a sham­poo bot­tle, and pre­tended it was a lightsaber in or­der to feel the Force once more.

Stormtroop­ers: this year’s model. Note the very familiar back­ground decor. John Boyega as con­flicted Stormtrooper Finn. Those TIE Fighters still can’t hit the Fal­con…

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