Kick- Ass ( 2010)

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With a ti­tle that’s both state­ment and prom­ise, direc­tor Matthew Vaughn’s adap­ta­tion of Mark Mil­lar and John Romita Jr’s comic glee­fully picks apart su­per­hero clichés for some­thing that’s wickedly funny and vi­o­lent ( Vaughn chan­nels Quentin Tarantino both be­hind the cam­era and on the su­per­bad sound­track). Aaron Tay­lor- John­son’s a like­able ev­ery- hero but even Ni­co­las Cage’s hi­lar­i­ous Adam West im­pres­sion can’t com­pete with 13- yearold Chloë Grace Moretz, who steals the movie right from un­der her co- stars’ noses as the pur­ple- wigged, foul­mouthed Hit- Girl.

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