The Age Of Adaline

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12A | 112 min­utes Direc­tor: Lee Toland Krieger Cast: Blake Lively, Michiel Huis­man, Kathy Baker, Amanda Crew, Har­ri­son Ford, Ellen Burstyn

Blake Lively’s Adaline

gets struck by magic light­ning in the ’ 40s and sud­denly stops age­ing. What might seem like a bless­ing turns into a curse about 70 years later when she finds her­self a lonely old woman trapped in a 29- year- old body. Friends, fam­ily and decades come and go, but Adaline re­mains the same – forced into a life on the run to try and avoid all the in­evitable awk­ward ques­tions.

Some­where be­tween The Cu­ri­ous Case Of Benjamin But­ton on pause and a Hall­mark movie with a bud­get, the glow of magic- re­al­ism bright­ens up an oth­er­wise dull ro­mancer – with Adaline quickly get­ting into a long, straight- laced love tri­an­gle with a hunky young bil­lion­aire ( Michiel Huis­man) and his dad ( Har­ri­son Ford), a man she first met back when she was as old as she looks. It gets less in­ter­est­ing as the fam­ily flings get stick­ier, and the whole im­mor­tal­ity thing doesn’t play as big a part in the story as you might ex­pect.

Lively’s sub­tle, sen­si­tive per­for­mance man­ages to skim off some of the froth, but direc­tor Lee Toland Kreiger ( Ce­leste And Jesse For­ever) slathers ev­ery­thing in warmth and luxury – avoid­ing the darker cor­ners of the Twi­light Zone story al­to­gether.

Yet de­spite the shame­less eye- mist­ing, all the glit­ter­ing ball gowns, twinkly lights and good in­ten­tions are sweetly in­fec­tious. Even Har­ri­son Ford man­ages to look a bit less grumpy than usual… Paul Bradshaw Blake Lively had never seen an In­di­ana Jones film. Her hus­band made her watch 1- 3 the night be­fore film­ing be­gan.

“Have you just farted?”

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