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move to widescreen with some beau­ti­ful vi­su­als, Thun­der­birds Are Go feels like what it is: the plot of an or­di­nary TV episode stretched out over 93 min­utes. Not only does the plight of the Zero X – a space­ship mak­ing the first manned mission to Mars – feel dis­ap­point­ingly run of the mill, it all un­folds so slowly that ten­sion never gets a chance to build. In fact, there’s some very ob­vi­ous pad­ding here, not least in a nine- minute dream se­quence fea­tur­ing Pup­pet Cliff Richard and The Pup­pet Shad­ows.

Thun­der­bird 6 is rather bet­ter – not least be­cause it does some­thing dif­fer­ent with the TV show’s for­mat. There’s a classy ’ 60s spy movie vibe here, as Lady Pene­lope, Parker, Alan and Tin- Tin get caught up in a hi­jack­ing on a fu­tur­is­tic air­ship. It’s still over­long, but it has a sense of fun that its pre­de­ces­sor sorely lacks, and some ter­rific real- life aer­o­bat­ics from a vin­tage Tiger Moth. Alas, as in Thun­der­birds Are Go, poor Gor­don gets next to noth­ing to do – you wouldn’t be sur­prised if a third movie saw him turn on the other Tra­cys in a gritty tale of re­venge.

Both re­leases have new 15- minute piece “Gerry An­der­son’s Count­down To Thun­der­birds”, while Thun­der­birds Are Go has two fur­ther ex­tras new to HD: Thun­der­birds Mak­ing Of “En­ter­tain­ment Is Go” ( 21 min­utes) and 17 min­utes of ref­er­ence footage of the real Shad­ows per­form­ing. Other bonuses are car­ried over from the 2004 DVD re­lease: commentaries ( by Sylvia An­der­son and the direc­tor), iso­lated scores, fea­turettes ( three on each), in­ter­view snip­pets with Sylvia, gal­leries and trail­ers. Richard Ed­wards The first vol­ume of new ITV se­ries Thun­der­birds Are Go also gets a DVD re­lease, on 22 June. Re­view next is­sue.

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