The Haunt­ing Of Rad­cliffe House

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2014 | 15 | DVD/ down­load

The Haunt­ing

Of Rad­cliffe House fan­cies it­self a clas­sic ghost story. You can tell, be­cause af­ter pro­fes­sional fixer- up­per Meg ( Olivia Wil­liams) moves her fam­ily into a creaky old man­sion, the clichés and ref­er­ences stack up alarm­ingly fast, with both Wuther­ing Heights and Drac­ula get­ting shout- outs. But one sad- eyed ghost does not a clas­sic make, and this tends to­wards mo­ronic, not iconic.

The main ir­ri­tant is Meg her­self: she’s one of those char­ac­ters who’s so determined not to ac­knowl­edge the su­per­nat­u­ral that she ig­nores ev­ery­thing around her. And the fi­nal sting is so dopey it un­der­mines its own sin­is­ter in­ten­tions – what self- re­spect­ing ghoul uses “petal” as a term of en­dear­ment and still ex­pects peo­ple to be scared?

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