Out Of The Dark

SFX - - Dvd & blu- ray -

Re­lease Date: 22 June

2014 | 15 | DVD

A ghostly face

ap­pears in a win­dow. Chil­dren’s toys move of their own ac­cord. And whis­per­ing voices sug­gest some­thing sin­is­ter hap­pened a long time ago in a young fam­ily’s new home. Sound familiar? Yup, this is a cliché- rid­den mess of a haunted house movie.

What’s re­ally dis­ap­point­ing, though, is that it pre­tends to be some­thing bet­ter. Re­ally great hor­ror movies of­ten have a point to make in amongst the scares, and with its story of shady Amer­i­can busi­ness­men ex­ploit­ing ( and en­dan­ger­ing) im­pov­er­ished vil­lagers in deep­est Colom­bia, Out Of The Dark looks like it could de­velop into a del Toro- style so­cially con­scious fairy­tale. But then it bot­tles it in favour of cheap CGI and a soppy end­ing, which is some­how even more an­noy­ing than if it hadn’t tried at all.

Mak­ing Of. Sarah Dobbs

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