The Awe­some

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Maggie The Cliché Slayer

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246 pages | Pa­per­back Au­thor: Eva Dar­rows Pub­lisher: Raven­stone Press

Seven­teen- year- old

Maggie is a mon­ster hunter who doesn’t know how to be a nor­mal teenager. Yeah, we’ve heard that one be­fore, but The Awe­some isn’t just an­other Buffy wannabe. It’s smarter than that, and more sub­ver­sive; it sets it­self apart from the ma­jor­ity of YA lit by giv­ing its hero­ine a good re­la­tion­ship with her mother, plus a com­pletely non- trau­matic ex­pe­ri­ence of los­ing her vir­gin­ity.

The ac­tual plot, which in­volves a vam­piric turf war, never feels par­tic­u­larly ur­gent, but ev­ery char­ac­ter, down to the low­es­trank­ing lackey, feels fully de­vel­oped thanks to the au­thor’s eye for de­tail. And Maggie her­self, foul- mouthed and bratty though she might be, is ridicu­lously like­able. Hope­fully this is just the be­gin­ning of her ad­ven­tures. Sarah Dobbs

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