3 Elec­tronic Mov­ing Daleks

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Char­ac­ter Op­tions | Height: 8.5cm | RRP: £ 25.99 | FPI price: £ 22.99 | Cat­a­logue num­bers: C3283, C3284, C3285 The USP of th­ese chaps is the way they move: not through pull- back ac­tion, or re­mote con­trol, but by “glid­ing on a wave of sound”. Ba­si­cally, you flick a switch on the bot­tom and your Dalek starts vibrating like billy- o, emit­ting the sort of low buzz you’d ex­pect from an Ann Sum­mers prod­uct... Pop him down and he then slowly – very slowly – glides about in a cir­cle. We know there’s science in­volved here, but it looks like magic. As well as the regular bronze Dalek, Em­peror’s Guard Dalek and Dalek Sec, a bat­tered pep­per­pot from “Asy­lum Of The Daleks” is also avail­able.

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