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Go­ing from black into red can be fun

Sud­denly the Marvel

Cin­e­matic Uni­verse ain’t so cosy any more. Dare­devil may be the Man With­out Fear but he’s now also the Man With The 15 Cer­tifi­cate – the first in the MCU. While the Marvel movies and net­work TV shows are unashamedly fam­ily friendly, Dare­devil’s Net­flix home means it can tar­get those who get ex­cited by the phrase “darker and grit­tier”. This is as close to a small- screen ver­sion of the Nolan Dark Knight tril­ogy as you’re go­ing get with­out writs fly­ing.

Af­ter DC’s ill- ad­vised at­tempt to toughen up Su­per­man in Man Of Steel, you have to ap­plaud the way Marvel ef­fort­lessly cre­ates a se­ries that’s both hard- as- nails yet still feels fits com­fort­ably in the larger, brighter MCU. Dare­devil is more than just Spi­der- Man with the con­trast turned down, though. The show is a con­sum­mately well- crafted, binge- de­signed ex­pe­ri­ence. It’s also the first vol­ley in a new off­shoot of the MCU. While the hub of big- screen Marvel is the Avengers, the core

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Fash­ion sense: The black cos­tume that Matt wears for most of the se­ries is based on the 1993 comic book mini- se­ries Dare­devil: Man With­out Fear.

Comic Con­nec­tions: Fisk’s as­so­ciate Le­land Owl­s­ley is, in the comics uni­verse, the su­pervil­lain known as The Owl. Dare­devil’s cos­tume maker, Melvin Pot­ter, be­comes the Glad­i­a­tor in the comics.

Du­bi­ous pop­u­lar­ity: In its week of re­lease, Dare­devil was the sec­ond most in­ter­net- pi­rated TV show in the world, af­ter Game Of Thrones, with 2.1 mil­lion down­loads.

Crossovers: Rosario Daw­son’s Claire Tem­ple was in­tro­duced in 1972 as a char­ac­ter in the Power Man comics so pre­sum­ably she’ll be crop­ping up in the Luke Cage se­ries too.

Best Line: Bill Fisk: “Think of the man you wanna be. You sit here and you stare at that wall and you think about that. You’re my son. You should be a king, not some fat lit­tle pussy.” of this Net­flix ven­ture is the De­fend­ers. Sub­se­quent se­ries of Jes­sica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist will pave the way for a team- up and the cre­ation of a live- ac­tion ver­sion of Marvel’s “strangest” su­perteam. ( Sadly, Doc­tor Strange, who’s head­ing for the big screen, doesn’t seem to be part of the mix, though Kyle Rich­mond, al­ter ego of Nighthawk, is namechecked in Dare­devil, so he’s a pos­si­bil­ity.)

One thing ’s for sure. If the Jes­sica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist se­ries are half as good as Dare­devil, the Net­flix/ Marvel team- up is go­ing to have a rosy fu­ture. Be­cause Dare­devil is mag­nif­i­cent.

Here we have a qual­ity crime se­ries, evoca­tive of ’ 70s ur­ban thrillers like Taxi Driver

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