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Art Scam Of The Mo nth

Cel­e­brat­ing the sil­li­est mo­ments from the month in TV

If you won­dered where Vanessa in Dare­devil sources her avant garde art­work, then…

Next Week Trailer Of The Mo nth

When an episode of Grimm ended with a Hex­en­bi­est learn­ing she was preg­nant with Nick’s baby, the next week trailer mo­men­tar­ily showed sit­com style scenes of heav­enly do­mes­tic bliss un­til said Hex­en­bi­est in­ter­rupted to an­nounce, “Like that’s gonna hap­pen!” Clas­sic.

Da ting Ad­vice Of The Mo nth

“What’s he got that I haven’t?” moaned Kyle in Tatau. “Ch­lamy­dia,” replies mate Budgie be­fore cor­rect­ing him­self. “No, the other one, charisma.” We’re not sure he knew the dif­fer­ence.


Art Scam Of The Mo nth II

… The Orig­i­nals gave us the an­swer. Klaus seems to have changed his style some­what.

Ha unt­ingly Fa mil­iar Ad Of The Mo nth

Homes For Bri­tain clearly think the hous­ing prob­lem can be solved by giv­ing every­body a Cabin In The Wood.

Hideous Phras e Of The Mo nth

The Vam­pire Di­aries ac­tu­ally went there – it coined the phrase “witcheries”. It’s the thin end of a stick that leads to ” were­bies” and “zomzards”.


Happ y Geek Of The Mo nth

Art Scam Of The Mo nth III

Mean­while, the Win­ships in The Re­turned are clearly some of Vanessa’s keen­est cus­tomers. This is the most con­vinc­ing piece of geek act­ing on TV ever. The Flash’s Cisco de­serves an Os­car.


Art Scam Of The Mo nth IV

How­ever, Aumea’s oily boyfriend in Tatau was gut­ted when Vanessa sent him a re­jec­tion let­ter for his sub­mis­sion, dis­miss­ing it as “1970s heavy metal al­bum art”.

Un­ex­pected Guest Star Of The Mo nth

Good grief. For a mo­ment there we could have sworn Chief O’Hara from ’ 60s Bat­man had turned up in Gotham, but it was just an in­cred­i­ble lookey- likey.

Re­make Of The Mo nth

In case you missed it at 8am, Thun­der­birds Are Go ac­tu­ally re­made a clas­sic Thun­der­birds episode, “Trapped In The Sky”. Shame it wasn’t the one with the gi­ant al­li­ga­tors.

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