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I’d like to ap­ply a sci­en­tific the­ory to Doc­tor Who; specif­i­cally, the one that posits our uni­verse as one of an in­fi­nite num­ber of vari­a­tions. This could be the an­swer to Doc­tor Who’s vast history of con­tra­dic­tions, such as the UNIT chronol­ogy night­mare. Be­ing as, ac­cord­ing to this so- called Many Worlds The­ory, any­thing that can hap­pen, does hap­pen, the only ex­pla­na­tion I can con­clude from the Doc­tor’s trav­els is that the TARDIS is ca­pa­ble of trav­el­ling the whole mul­ti­verse. Per­haps in one uni­verse, Sarah Jane came from 1980, but not in another.

We ac­cept that the TARDIS can travel in time and space, so would it be such a gi­ant leap for it to be able to sort of “slide” across into mul­ti­ple re­al­i­ties as well, just as they did in that Jerry O’Con­nell se­ries in the ’ 90s ( the ti­tle eludes me…).

Apart from be­ing a neat con­ti­nu­ity get- out clause, the mul­ti­verse the­ory could also open up new pos­si­bil­i­ties, such as al­ter­na­tive past in­car­na­tions of the Doc­tor, or known ver­sions of the Doc­tor that re­gen­er­ated much later – then we could have clas­sic Doc­tors back and it wouldn’t even mat­ter that they now ap­pear to be much older.

Si­mon Hood, Selby The Doc­tor has vis­ited par­al­lel worlds be­fore ( in “The Age Of Steel” for starters) but you have thought about this a lot, so have a book as re­ward for your ef­forts.


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