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I’m still in mourn­ing over The Fol­low­ing be­ing can­celled but I’m hop­ing Mi­nor­ity Re­port will fill the void!

Jenny Davies, Face­book Su­per­girl looks like it was lit­er­ally made for Amer­i­can teenage girls af­ter see­ing the 10- minute pro­mos. It was Sex And The City with ev­ery cliché in the book.

Mi­nor­ity Re­port could go ei­ther way, but with Al­most Hu­man be­ing fan­tas­tic and get­ting canned af­ter one sea­son I’m won­der­ing what a sci- fi se­ries has to do to get a sec­ond sea­son.

Andy Hall, Face­book There’s no point both­er­ing, they’ll all get axed af­ter a sea­son, good or not.

Ed­die Fowler, Face­book

Any­one else no­ticed that al­most ev­ery new US genre show is based on an ex­ist­ing movie or TV prop­erty? Looks like the net­works are hedg­ing their bets on recog­nis­able fran­chises – will that be enough to stop them be­com­ing one- sea­son won­ders? me wrong, I do like the re­views you do and I may never have found The Troop or Bird­box with­out your help, but it’s not enough. A cou­ple more book re­view pages with a few more op­tions would go down a treat. I will al­ways love you, though, and HAPPY BIRTH­DAY! Gary Renton, A Scots­man

in Dublin

While it’s ob­vi­ously a good thing that there’s so many great SF and fan­tasy books be­ing pub­lished ev­ery month, the flip­side of that is that we can’t re­view ev­ery book we’d like to – we just don’t have the space. We still cover loads ev­ery month, though, and all our re­views are writ­ten by genre ex­perts. I en­joyed Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The di­a­logue was fun and snappy, the ac­tion was great, and I liked the way the in­no­cent were pro­tected dur­ing the cli­mac­tic car­nage. I also liked the way that Agents Of SHIELD’s Theta Pro­to­col was a tie- in to the film. It did get me think­ing though, how many cities have we now seen de­stroyed on the big screen? Is this a re­cent trend which be­gan in spec­tac­u­lar style with In­de­pen­dence Day in 1996? Is the city- wide de­struc­tion now get­ting old, with au­di­ences not as amazed by wide­spread CGI car­nage as they once were?

“Su­per­girl looks ab­so­lutely aw­ful, like a dodgy ’ 80s sit­com”

Keith Tu­dor, Rom­sey

I don’t think it’s a new thing at all, Keith – what about all the times Tokyo has been trashed by Godzilla and his ilk? It’s just that CG ef­fects have made it a hell of a lot eas­ier to make the car­nage

We just hope there’s a cameo role for He­len Slater in there some­where…

The in­sur­ers must be weep­ing.

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