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women in block­buster movies in gen­eral and not just the MCU.

Mark Howe, email

I agree that it’s not just the MCU that’s be­hind on gen­der equal­ity. Hol­ly­wood’s re­luc­tance to put fe­male char­ac­ters cen­tre stage in block­busters is in­ex­cus­able – it’s like Ri­p­ley and Buffy never hap­pened. Hope­fully Cap­tain Marvel and Won­der Woman ( and, fin­gers crossed, Rey in The Force Awak­ens) will start to re­dress the bal­ance. I re­ally can’t think why. De­cent re­views and rat­ings in Amer­ica and the show just re­newed for a sec­ond sea­son as well. Cap­tain Amer­ica was a big movie so surely the show can be ad­ver­tised as a Cap­tain Amer­ica spin- off !

Robert Graham, Lin­coln As you might know by now,

IS com­ing to the UK, on Fox from 12 July. Hur­rah! what hap­pens if… Surely it should be about how it plans to get to the 12th sea­son, not how it won’t get to that many.

If An­drew Lin­coln does choose to leave would it re­ally have such an im­pact? It’s not like the show is called Rick Grimes, it’s The Walk­ing Dead. The show’s pro­duc­ers have even said on the DVDs that the show is re­ally Carl’s jour­ney so surely that would be the char­ac­ter that would af­fect the show the most.

And why wouldn’t Mr Lin­coln want to stay on? Look at NCIS, one of the most watched se­ries in the world – the main cast have been there since the pi­lot on JAG. So peo­ple do stay on shows for 12plus years!

Mike Garner, Moorends

Two sea­sons of This Life, two sea­sons of Teach­ers… A sixth year is un­charted ter­ri­tory for Mr Lin­coln, so who knows how long he’ll stay in At­lanta? And let’s face it, con­stantly run­ning from zom­bies is a pretty high­pres­sure oc­cu­pa­tion – maybe he’ll need a sab­bat­i­cal. I’ve just watched Avengers: Age Of Ultron with Quick­sil­ver speed­ing about sav­ing the day, I’ve no­ticed when char­ac­ters have these pow­ers they just zip about grab­bing peo­ple who no doubt get in­jured in get­ting saved. A good ex­am­ple of su­per fast safety is in X- Men: Days Of Fu­ture Past when that movie’s Quick­sil­ver saved Mag­neto – he told him to hold on as he sup­ported his neck in case of whiplash. Why the Avengers movie didn’t do this I don’t know.

Gavin Dickinson, Scot­land

Next you’ll be ask­ing for ev­ery­one Su­per­man saves to be strapped into a har­ness be­fore he takes off.

Peggy Carter is set to drive into Bri­tish hearts soon too – which is fit­ting.

Quick, call Health & Safety!

Few shows have quite the fire­power of The Walk­ing Dead.

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