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your top 5 re­quests

Lighten Up

1 A com­mon ques­tion asked of all DC’s films and one that’s no less rel­e­vant here: why so se­ri­ous? “Bring some joy into DC’s movies,” says Gary Pratt. “Less Nolan style grit and dark­ness. Throw some green and or­ange into the colour of Aqua­man’s cos­tume and give him some wise­cracks to say as he defeats his ad­ver­saries.”

Hail To The Queen

2 Black Manta and Lord Nemo were pop­u­lar choices for Aqua­man’s Big Bad, but you’d like the film to fo­cus, in part, on the re­la­tion­ship be­tween the King of the Seven Seas and his queen. “Jes­sica Chas­tain as Mera would be awe­some. Add mon­sters from the Trench and I’d sea it,” says David Stephen, with some top pun­nage.

Un­der­wa­ter Ac­tion

3 Sounds ob­vi­ous, but you don’t want to see Aqua­man fight his bat­tles on dry land. In other words: the wet­ter, the bet­ter ac­cord­ing to Lu­cile Slater. “Do some­thing we haven’t seen be­fore and set it en­tirely un­der­wa­ter. If they do it right it could be dif­fer­ent from any­thing out there.”

Hook Hand

4 You’d like to see Aqua­man go through a for­ma­tive mo­ment – the loss of his left hand. “I would like the whole film to be about how he gets his hook hand. Also an ac­knowl­edge­ment that ‘ Aqua­man’ is a ter­ri­ble name for any self- re­spect­ing su­per­hero,” says Tom Gray.

An­i­mal Ac­tion

5 Most of all, you want plenty of Aqua­man com­mand­ing the crea­tures of the seven seas. “If he doesn’t ride a gi­ant sea­horse into bat­tle I’ll feel short changed,” Anna Heath says. Lord Nemo Karl Ur­ban

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