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Black Manta Chi­we­tel Ejio­for


Jason Mo­moa

Mera Jes­sica Chas­tain

Let’s see an epic bat­tle be­tween Aqua­man and Cap­tain Bird­s­eye with huge fish fin­gers as weapons! Or is that just tak­ing the pisces? Keith Heeney

Make Khal Drogo blond. Ashraf Ghori

Aqua­man sucks [ lol­lipops? – Ed]. Mike Clark

I’m pleased that Jason’s scars and tat­toos are in­te­grated into his Aqua­man look. José San­ders

Give it back to Marvel and call it Sub- Mariner. Wayne Smyth

The film won’t be com­plete with­out an ap­pear­ance by Aqualad. Or Aquababy. Or the Aqua­toaster. Tim Nel­son

Mon­sters, badassery, Black Manta. Sorted. Paolo Bianco

For­get Mo­moa, I want the Vin­cent Chase Aqua­man movie. Andy Shaw

James Wan seems like a pretty good shout for di­rec­tor, he did a great job with Fast & Fu­ri­ous 7. Lyn­d­sey Perkins

Aqua­man’s mum and dad, Tom Curry and At­lanna, oc­cu­py­ing a sim­i­lar role to Odin and Frigga in the Thor movies. Chloe Brand

If Aqua­man’s crash­ing Bat­man and Su­per­man’s movie it ’s only fair that they do the same. BatSub, any­one? Scott Good­win

If Ark the Sea Lion and/ or Topo don’t have a CRUC IAL role to play I’ll be boy­cotting all DC movies. Neal Court­ney

Go heavy on the fan­tasy el­e­ments, make him DC’s Thor. Shan­non San­der­son

Send a pos­i­tive eco­log­i­cal mes­sage with the film. Maybe Aqua­man could spend a few min­utes cut­ting up six- pack rings that have been tossed in the sea ( ev­ery lit­tle helps). Lau­ren Wade

He should throw a starfish at crim­i­nals and shout “You’d bet­ter stop that!” Alex Holden Sigsworth

Sponge­Bob and Pa­trick hand­ing him his arse. Gary Slow­burn

I’d like the tagline “The Wettest Movie You’ll See This Year!” Al­ter­na­tively: “Aqua­man: You’ll Be­lieve A Man Can Swim!” FlangeBadger

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