SP Y- F I sp ecial!

Ame a suave, lethal

SFX - - The Man from Uncle -

su­per­spy who sprung from the mind of Ian Flem­ing. A Mar­tini­cool la­dykiller, sharp of suit and shot; a globe- hop­ping se­cret agent who de­fined the glit­ter­ing, out­ra­geous world of ’ 60s spy capers. Too easy? There’s one pro­viso. If your an­swer con­tains the words James or Bond you will be diced with a laser and fed to the sharks. No cheat­ing now…

Napoleon Solo is Flem­ing’s other great con­tri­bu­tion to the es­pi­onage game, brought to deadly, dap­per life by Robert Vaughn in hit TV show The Man From UN­CLE. Teamed with David McCal­lum as tac­i­turn, Beatle­mopped Soviet op­er­a­tive Illya Kuryakin, Solo fought the Cold War on the small screen while 007 ruled the big.

Now the mis­matched agents of the United Net­work Com­mand for Law and En­force­ment are back, re­ac­ti­vated for a block­buster mis­sion by Guy Ritchie and Lionel Wi­gram, the di­rec­tor/ pro­ducer team be­hind Sher­lock Holmes’ rein­ven­tion as a brawl­ing Baker Street bo­hemian with an un­canny re­sem­blance to Robert Downey Jr.

“Warner Bros came to us with a list of projects af­ter Sher­lock Holmes,” says Wi­gram as SFX meets the film­mak­ing duo in a sun- flooded Rome, suit­ably Euroglam set­ting for some of the movie’s key se­quences. “We looked at Man From UN­CLE and thought, ‘ Hmm, we’ve al­ways wanted to do a spy movie. And this is in­ter­est­ing be­cause in­stead of a solo agent – in­stead of Jason Bourne or James Bond or Harry Palmer, your typ­i­cal lone spy – it’s two agents. There’s a story be­hind it – a Rus­sian and an Amer­i­can team­ing up. It feels like an op­por­tu­nity here to do some­thing dif­fer­ent in the spy genre, but still do a ’ 60s spy movie, an homage to the Sean Con­nery James Bonds, to the Harry Palmers, to all those great movies.’”

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