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Af­ter nine se­quels, a cross­over with Freddy Krueger and a woe­ful Michael Bay- pro­duced re­make, we at SFX are still con­fused as to what Jason Voorhees even is. His mother kills those try­ing to re­open Camp Crys­tal Lake in the first film be­cause she be­lieves it be­smirches her son’s mem­ory. How­ever, the con­clu­sion in­di­cates that Jason may be, in fact, a ghost. In part two ( 1981), Jason is ru­moured to be a wild­man who never died but in fact grew up un­der the care of for­est an­i­mals ( think The Jun­gle Book’s Mowgli if he was in­de­struc­tible and in­sane). Of course, this made no sense to any­one and Fri­day The 13th Part II took in just half the box of­fice of the orig­i­nal movie. 3D was in­tro­duced for part three ( 1983) and part four was an­nounced as The Fi­nal Chap­ter ( 1984). Not want­ing to kill a cash cow, part five ( 1985) in­tro­duced a copy­cat killer while part six ( 1986) fi­nally at­tempted to ex­plain Jason as a zom­bieghoul who can never be killed. By Jason Goes To Hell ( 1993), how­ever, he is an alien slug who can body hop from hu­man- to- hu­man. Makes no sense to us ei­ther…

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