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The ’ 90s are sock­ing it to the ’ 80s this month with Scream the TV show about to ar­rive and news of another new sassy- smart metaslasher se­ries on its way, while poor old Poltergeist didn’t do the num­bers de­spite the in­sis­tent scary clown leer­ing off the side of buses. But for­get nos­tal­gia: for new thrills all you need is a dirty Bel­gian wolf- boy…

Vir­tual un­re­al­ity bites

I didn’t like In­sid­i­ous 2 so I skipped In­sid­i­ous 3 ( see p96 for the re­view). In­stead I went to a 4D séance with Leigh Whan­nell… This was the promo event for I3, where an il­lu­sion­ist pre­tended to con­jure the spir­its while we held hands in the dark ( grip­ping paws with the man who co- cre­ated Saw is a terror in­deed…). Sev­eral beers later and we got to try the In­sid­i­ous 3 Ocu­lus Rift ex­pe­ri­ence which in­volves sit­ting in an arm­chair strapped into eyewear and ear­phones and ven­tur­ing to the other side. Gim­micky it may be, but ef­fec­tive it def­i­nitely is. I’m not a gamer but hor­ror is mak­ing leaps and bounds in this sphere, in­clud­ing the re­cent Alien Iso­la­tion, which I’m re­li­ably told is al­most too scary to be fun. I don’t game be­cause I’m crap at it but the im­mer­sive­ness is a mas­sive draw – Ocu­lus Rift was like a very high­end por­ta­ble scare maze. Imag­ine a whole ar­cade of these – pun­ters strapped into re­clin­ers scream­ing as ter­rors as­sault them. There’s a hor­ror movie in that…

Be pre­pared

Movie of the month: Cub – a Bel­gian cross- breed where a group of young scouts get stuck in a for­est tricked- out with traps where a wolf- boy called Kai, in­vented by the kindly leader, might also re­side. A young and trou­bled boy is at the cen­tre of this com­ing- of- age slasher which pits pack against pack in those years where moral­ity and per­son­al­ity are formed. A con­fused end­ing

No­to­ri­ous video nasty An­thro­poph­a­gus is get­ting a rere­lease from 88 Films this month. A lurid Ital­ian cannibal gorno set on an is­land where a crazy killer picks off – and eats! – a bunch of tourists it’s di­rected by erotic hor­ror mae­stro Joe D’Amato, though this isn’t in any

way saucy. Un­less you mean in­testines slathered with red sauce. Only for the strong of stom­ach and not to be watched

with din­ner. dis­ap­points, yet this is a great­look­ing piece of dark psy­chol­ogy in psy­cho’s cloth­ing.

St ars in their eyes

Out on DVD this month three hor­rors with classy casts. The pick of the bunch is John “Henry: Por­trait Of A Se­rial Killer” McNaughton’s Can’t Come Out To Play where Sa­man­tha Mor­ton is a ter­ri­fy­ing ma­tri­arch for­bid­ding her sick son to be­come friends with a lo­cal girl. Michael Shan­non is her long- suf­fer­ing hus­band in a tense, twisty thriller that never matches the grubby highs of Henry. Worth a watch for the per­for­mances. Then Ju­lia Stiles, Stephen Rea and Scott Speed­man star in Out Of The Dark, set in Colom­bia where young Amer­i­cans are out of their depth in a town filled with su­per­sti­tion. Starts well, ends messy. Fi­nally, Stone­hearst Asy­lum, rammed with tal­ent ( Kate Beck­in­sale, Ben Kings­ley, Jason Fle­myng) and di­rected by The Ma­chin­ist man Brad An­der­son. Based on a story by Poe about an asy­lum where the in­mates are all over the shop, there’s noth­ing in­trin­si­cally wrong with it ex­cept the to­tal lack of peril or any sense of who this is for. May send it to my mum, who’ll prob­a­bly also give it three stars.

I know What You’re Do­ing Next Au­tumn

Could it be hor­ror’s peren­nial ob­ses­sion with the ’ 70s and ’ 80s is fi­nally mov­ing on a decade? Are we about to see a load of de­press­ing re­makes of Ur­ban

Dread­ful Old Movie

One Cub who must prom­ise to do best – which his

might not be enough.

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