Elec­tric Booga­loo

Cannon fod­der

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Re­lease Date: 13 July

2015 | 18 | Blu- ray/ DVD Di­rec­tor: Mark Hart­ley In­ter­vie­wees: Tobe Hooper, Luigi Cozzi, Bo Derek, Pete Walker, Just Jaeckin, Franco Nero

Sub­ti­tled The

Wild, Un­told Story Of Cannon Films, this en­joy­able doc­u­men­tary con­cerns the stu­dio that brought you the love­ably ropey ’ 80s likes of Lifeforce, Mas­ters Of The Uni­verse, Su­per­man IV, and many more.

Is­raeli cousins Me­na­hem Golan and Yo­ram Globus were the pair be­hind the out­fit. “They treated you like a favourite child or were mean and made you fear for your ca­reer,” one of the scores of in­ter­vie­wees re­calls. Oth­ers say the pro­duc­ers were reck­less out­laws with no scru­ples, and their out­put had a very ba­sic func­tion: “There were cine­mas out there that needed to be filled with some­thing and that’s what they did.” One la­bels Golan “Jabba the Hutt”.

This gives you an idea of the film’s main theme: movie types moan­ing about how aw­ful Golan and Globus were. But, then, it wasn’t them gam­bling their money or do­ing the deals and tak­ing daily risks. To be fair, di­rec­tor Mark Hart­ley notes that the duo also gave op­por­tu­ni­ties to art­house di­rec­tors like John Cas­savetes and Franco Zef­firelli. Zef­firelli says they were the best pro­duc­ers he ever worked for.

A highly watch­able break­neck suc­ces­sion of anec­dotes – ones con­cern­ing Sharon Stone and Sylvia Kristel are es­pe­cially juicy – Elec­tric Booga­loo gives you lots of grins fol­lowed by the un­con­trol­lable urge to go and watch some of the fea­tured movies. Job done. Ex­tras: None. Rus­sell Lewin At the orig­i­nal test screen­ing of 1989 JeanClaude Van Damme ve­hi­cle Cy­borg, just one in a hun­dred of the au­di­ence liked it!

Dolph Lund­gren flashes the flesh in Mas­ters Of The Uni­verse.

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