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2015 | 15 | DVD Cre­ator: Richard Za­jdlic Cast: Joe Lay­ton, Theo Barklem- Biggs, Shushila Takao, Te­muera Mor­ri­son, Cian El­yse White, Alexan­der Tar­rant

For one episode,

BBC Three’s Supernatural Death In Back­pack­ers’ Par­adise looks like it could be a re­ally good show. Oddly, that episode is nei­ther the first nor the last.

Usu­ally, de­riv­a­tive old tosh like this ei­ther starts off promis­ingly then nose­dives, or sud­denly perks up in the last episode, way too late to al­ter its de­scent into TV ob­scu­rity. Tatau does nei­ther. It starts off as it ends, as a fee­ble, list­less supernatural thriller with lit­tle to of­fer other than a le­gion of half- dressed, good- look­ing twen­tysome­things.

If you’ve ever seen any supernatural chil­dren’s shows which start with the kids go­ing on hol­i­day some­where new and strange, you’ve seen Tatau be­fore. Sure, there are more rude words and there’s a smidgen more vi­o­lence but es­sen­tially this is iden­tikit ju­ve­nile spooky drama, some­where be­tween Scooby- Doo and Cen­tury Falls and not as fun or in­ven­tive as ei­ther.

A back­packer with a mys­te­ri­ous tat­too ( he just liked the de­sign) trav­els to the Cook Is­lands with his com­edy side­kick mate where, one drug- in­duced hal­lu­ci­na­tion later, he be­comes in­volved in a Maorithemed mur­der mys­tery. What fol­lows is the white guy con­tin­u­ally try­ing to con­vince the vic­tim in his vi­sion that some­one is go­ing to kill her, but fail­ing be­cause he’s act­ing like a crazed lu­natic. There’s a Maori Obi- Wan urg­ing him on, a bit of ro­mance, a nutty vicar, biker gangs and lots of run­ning about, but the plot barely moves for­ward for episodes on end.

Tatau has one sav­ing grace: the com­edy side­kick is ac­tu­ally funny and he’s not a geek, just a las­civ­i­ous yob. In episode six he’s in a coma, and be­comes a spirit to help out his hand­some but charm- free mate. Sud­denly, for 40 min­utes, the show be­comes Ran­dall And Hop­kirk ( De­ceased) Do Club 18- 30 and it’s gen­uinely amus­ing.

Sadly it’s nowhere near enough to make up for the other seven episodes.

None. Dave Golder Tatau ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Rob Pursey used to be the bassist in twee ’ 80s in­die- pop bands Tal­lu­lah Gosh and Heav­enly.

The trip to the tailors was a com­plete fail­ure.

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