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2015 | 18 | DVD


port­man­teau hor­ror takes 13 shorts from around the globe and stitches them to­gether with the flimsy con­nec­tive tis­sue of a news an­chor re­port­ing on the end of the world.

It’s a grab- bag of styles, some se­ri­ous, most silly – and they don’t fit to­gether well. Span­ish short “Fist Of Je­sus” finds the son of God fight­ing cow­boy zom­bies with a sword­fish. It’s the best of the bunch, but out­stays its welcome. Oth­ers, like “Dead Stop”, are barely sto­ries at all – sim­ply gory scenes. The in­ter­mit­tent “How To Sur­vive” PSAs, mean­while, are unin­spired.

Taken on their own, most of these shorts would be di­vert­ing for five min­utes. Jammed to­gether, they soon lose their ap­peal.

“Marathon Apoca­lypse”, another short de­signed to ad­ver­tise real- life Mon­treal run­ning event Apoca­lypse 5k. Will Salmon

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