2 Fabrika­tions Rocket Rac­coon

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Funko | Height: 18cm | RRP: £ 19.99 | FPI price: £ 16.99 | Cat­a­logue num­ber: C1727 Cute? Wad­daya mean, cute? Don’t give me no cute! I ain’t frickin’ cute! Deadly, su­per- freakin’- smart and melt- the- lay­deez hand­some, mebbe, but cute? Don’t make me puke. Whoa… don’t tickle me un­der the frickin’ chin, ya bozo! And get ya paws outta my fur! And don’t tug my tail, dum­b­ass! I don’t care how soft it is! That bit’s pri­vate, dig? Gimme some god­damn re­spect here. Wad­daya mean you want me to meet your cat? You some kinda frickin’ sadist?

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