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The for­mer Lost cast­away hits the road for the Wa­chowskis’ world- span­ning Sense8

What were your first im­pres­sions when you read the script? The first thing that struck me about the script was its in­cred­i­ble epic scope and the fact there are mo­ments of great in­ti­macy, that I rarely find in any writ­ing, on this vast, in­ter­na­tional can­vas. Was the globe- hop­ping a chal­lenge as an ac­tor? The cast was like a band on the road. We would shoot a scene in Chicago and then the very same scene would be shot again two months later in Reyk­javík, Ice­land. We knew this when we did re­hearsals. We thought, we have to learn ev­ery­thing be­cause we don’t know when and where we might be called upon to do the same scene again in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent way. What the Wa­chowskis brought forth in the work was that each city has its own soul. Jonas is an enigma for the au­di­ence. How did you ap­proach his char­ac­ter? For both me and Daryl [ Han­nah, who plays An­gel], when we got to San Fran­cisco for the read- through we had all these ques­tions about our char­ac­ters. Daryl ac­tu­ally wrote them down on a piece of pa­per which she gave to the Wa­chowskis and never got a re­ply! How I dis­cov­ered this char­ac­ter was from watch­ing the Wa­chowskis work on set, par­tic­u­larly Lana. That re­quired a lot of trust on our part which we were more than happy to give. I mean, they’re artists and you want to give ev­ery­thing to that be­cause it’s a rare ex­pe­ri­ence to work with artists. I try to be in­volved in work which hope­fully in some way is ground- break­ing, there is no other way to put it. I’ve never been in a scene where the cam­era pans from one char­ac­ter to another and as it pans you go to a dif­fer­ent city. David West

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