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Best Line Of The Month

Cel­e­brat­ing the sil­li­est mo­ments from the month in TV

“The dwarf lives un­til we find a cock mer­chant.” We’re just glad we were spared the scene where the slavers in­spect their mer­chan­dise in Game Of Thrones.

Best Of Bri­tish Of The Month

It did our hearts proud that when Have I Got News For You needed a pic to rep­re­sent Bri­tish TV as a whole, they chose Daleks.

Gas Ex­plo sion Of The Month

The Orig­i­nals re­ally wish that their Big Bad of the sea­son hadn’t had that vin­daloo last night.

Lit­eral I nterpretation Of The Month

In The Flash, Cisco won­ders if Joe is tak­ing the phrase “I’ve got your ass cov­ered” just a lit­tle bit too lit­er­ally.

Flo at­ing Ro ck Of The Month

When this boul­der hit the wa­ter then bobbed back up in Thun­der­birds we hope that it was sup­posed to be an in- joke at the ex­pense of the orig­i­nal se­ries.

Tro­phy Of The Month

So what ex­actly did Sid Bun­der­slaw, mid­dle­m­an­ager at Wayne En­ter­prises in Gotham, win that award for? Bury­ing cor­po­rate se­crets?

I nnu­endo Of The Month

We’re not sur­prised SHIELD’s Hunter and Fitz were about to vomit in the back of the jet with Ward say­ing things to Kara like, “Do you want to take the stick?”

Too Much I nfor­ma­tion Of The Month

Af­ter watch­ing the seven- minute trailer for The CW’s new Su­per­girl se­ries, we don’t feel the need to watch the ac­tual show any­more…

Un­ex­pected Re­turn Of The Month

DreamWorks is prep­ping a film of the book The Ad­ven­tures Of Beekle: The Un­imag­i­nary Friend, which should pro­vide fresh em­ploy­ment for an Adi­pose out of work since its Doc­tor Who ap­pear­ance.

Lin­guists Of The Month

“Dear god, what lan­guage is that?” asks an un­dead soldier in Jonathan Strange & Mr Nor­rell. To our trained ear it sounded sus­pi­ciously like Klin­gon.

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