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New novel turns the spotlight on the normies

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f“look, i’ll be hon­est. i f*** ing hate that movie. i was pushed into do­ing that movie. The script

wasn’t any good. And i didn’t want to do some­thing that i was

a fan of since i was a kid” When it comes to GI Joe: Rise Of The Cobra Chan­ning Ta­tum isn’t pulling his punches.

ed up with YA tales that chron­i­cle the plight of some Cho­sen One des­tined to save the world? Then The Rest Of Us Just Live Here, the new novel from Chaos Walk­ing cre­ator pa­trick Ness, is for you. “i was think­ing that so many YA books are about the Cho­sen One, but what about the ones who feel like ‘ i just want to have lunch with­out those other ones blow­ing up high school again’?” Ness says. “it’s about the un- cho­sen ones. The ones who get left be­hind, who also have re­ally sweet and re­ally mov­ing sto­ries to tell.”

Mikey is your ev­ery­day high- schooler be­set by ev­ery­day prob­lems. The only dif­fer­ence: Mikey’s best friend is 1/ 4 god and his world has been be­sieged by supernatural nas­ties. “it’s told in two streams,” Ness ex­plains. “in the chap­ter head­ing you get a typ­i­cal YA ad­ven­ture story of the in­die Kids fight­ing the im­mor­tals. The rest of the chap­ters are about kids in cal­cu­lus class or at lunch. The typ­i­cal YA ad­ven­tures are al­ways in the back­ground.”

But with so much ex­cite­ment go­ing on else­where, what makes Mikey’s story so in­ter­est­ing? “if you’re 17 and you’re in love and you don’t know if they love you back it feels just as huge as sav­ing the world,” says Ness. “There’s a point in the book where Mikey says he al­ways feels like the one they could do with­out. The book is about that beau­ti­fully painful mo­ment where you find out that peo­ple do value you. in the midst of the in­die Kids sav­ing the world from the im­mor­tals.”

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here is pub­lished on 6 Au­gust.

Pa­trick Ness has de­liv­ered YA with a dif­fer­ence.

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