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alan Frog in The Lost Boys

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Jami­son new­lan­der was 15

years old when he was cast as alan Frog, the quirky and stoic brother of fel­low vam­pire hunter Corey Feld­man in The Lost Boys. af­ter ap­pear­ing in the 1988 re­make of The Blob, he earned a BFa in act­ing at new York Univer­sity. Jami­son has writ­ten and di­rected sev­eral plays and short films, and ap­peared in scenes in Lost Boys: The Tribe ( 2008), and Lost Boys: The Thirst ( 2010), in which he and Feld­man reprised their roles as edgar and alan Frog. He ap­pears in the up­com­ing film Bone Tom­a­hawk with Kurt rus­sell.

Would you like to play alan again?

Yes, i would be­cause i think we could do a great fourth movie, or a TV show maybe. it could be me and Corey chas­ing a bunch of hot young vam­pires, and maybe we could have some of the other guys come back or Kiefer could make an ap­pear­ance.

Would any of alan’s skills or at­tributes have been use­ful i n real life?

i was very young at the time, and the stuff that Joel [ schu­macher, di­rec­tor] was do­ing to get us to be tough and get into char­ac­ter helped me be­come more thick- skinned. i walked away from the movie a lit­tle tougher for hav­ing played alan.

What Would alan be do­ing noW?

i think alan would still be at it and very hi- tech. whether it was just vam­pires or it went even deeper now, he’d be push­ing the bound­aries.

i s there any­thing you think Was un­fin­ished about his story?

right now, he’s wrapped up kind of nicely. with The Thirst he went on a jour­ney to the vam­pire’s side and came back. not that there’s not more for him to do.

did you get any sou­venirs from the set?

some­where i have my army fa­tigues. i also took my set chair seat­back with my name on it. what else would they have done with it?

i s there any­thing from the film you Wish Was real?

at the time i wished that Jami Gertz was in love with me and not with Jason Pa­tric!

What Would i t say on the char­ac­ter’s grave­stone?

alan may Be Back.

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