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It wasn’t clear whether the 20 Great­est Films of SFX’s Life­time ( is­sue 262) rep­re­sented the favourites of SFX staff or the most sig­nif­i­cant fan­tasy/ hor­ror/ science fic­tion pic­tures of the past 20 years. But if you in­tended to present the most im­por­tant, there were a cou­ple of ma­jor omis­sions from 1999. The Blair Witch Pro­ject may not have been the first “found footage” movie, but it’s the one that re­ally kicked off the mini- genre. Like­wise Star Wars: The Phan­tom Men­ace wasn’t cin­ema’s first pre­quel but other film fran­chises that went back to begin­nings in the 21st cen­tury ( Bat­man Be­gins, Casino Royale, Star Trek) didn’t give it a try be­fore Ge­orge Lu­cas had the co­jones to dip his toe in the wa­ter ( and get it bit­ten off ).

Bryn Hughes, Wrex­ham

the list was sub­jec­tive, no ques­tion; if we didn’t like a film, it wasn’t go­ing in. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t take im­pact into ac­count. In most cases, the two aligned. and the

Phan­tom Men­ace: ha! good one. Oh, wait, you aren’t jok­ing…

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