As if mil­lions of voices sud­denly cried out in terror...

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Porkins. Myles Fitz­patrick

If it ’s set around the time of A New Hope, it ’s very im­por­tant to re­mem­ber women didn’t wear bras then. [ Equally im­por­tant to re­mem­ber men did – Ed] Richard Dyke

When dis­cussing heist plans, I’d like ad­mi­ral ack­bar to ap­pear and say, “We could set a trap!” that’s it. Laura Tis­dall

I want “rebel space­ships strik­ing from a hid­den base” win­ning their first vic­tory against the evil em­pire. Daryl Smith

I want the whole film to be a bat­tle of bri­tain style aerial dog­fight. ex­po­si­tion can cop a walk. FlangeBadger

I’d love to see Darth Vader and the em­peror make an ap­pear­ance. Rus­sell Gar­land

I’d like it if this is the first time the rebels see an at- at – a loom­ing beast ap­pear­ing out of the trees in the way ed­wards treated Godzilla. An­nie Mor­gan

Make stormtroop­ers a force to be reck­oned with. If it ’s go­ing to have a war movie feel there needs to be tan­gi­ble dan­ger. Car­lie Som­mer

Ewoks all over the place. and fi­nally con­firm that they’re cud­dly lit­tle can­ni­bals who eat the flesh of fallen stormtroop­ers. We’re all think­ing it. Sammi Hellen

Have ed­wards’s Godzilla cast­mem­ber bryan Cranston play ack­bar. Clair York

So long as you can feel the dirt un­der the fin­ger­nails of the char­ac­ters I’ll be happy. Geraint Ray­nard

I’d love for them to get a hint of Star Wars’s more mys­ti­cal el­e­ments in. maybe one of the troops could be Force- sen­si­tive? Ash­ton Hill

An adap­ta­tion of Dark Forces, com­plete with kyle katarn. Bill Allen

Re­veal that Jar Jar binks has been a pris­oner of war for the last 30 years, left to starve to death in some god­for­saken hell hole of a prison and shriv­elled like a de­flated bal­loon. Zak Rus­sell

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