The Walk­ing De­ceased

SFX - - Rated / Dvd & blu- ray - Sam Ashurst

Re­lease Date: OUT NOW!

2015 | 15 | DVD With make- up ef­fects that look con­structed from Cray­ola paint and Kel­logg ’s corn­flakes, a di­rec­to­rial style best de­scribed as “drunk”, and per­for­mances so flat they make the Mal­dives look hilly, this zom­bie spoof is a waste of your life­span.

A com­edy movie riff­ing on The Walk­ing Dead, Zom­bieland, Warm Bod­ies and, um, The Hunger Games is gen­er­ally a fun idea, but this ef­fort is so am­a­teur­ish it makes Scary Movie look like Scors­ese.

It’s mean- spir­ited too. It’s clearly been cut for con­tent ( scenes jump in­co­her­ently) but ho­mo­pho­bic and misog­y­nis­tic “jokes” re­main, with a strip club se­quence be­ing a par­tic­u­lar low point. We’d blow The Walk­ing De­ceased’s brains out, but some­one clearly got there be­fore us.

Ex­tras: None.

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