Lego Juras­sic World

Blocks with bite

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Re­viewed on: PS4 Also on: PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, 3DS, Wii U Pub­lisher: Warner Bros

The lazy

ver­sion of this re­view would be “Lego games are all bril­liant, and this one lets you play as a di­nosaur”. Lazy, but true. Lego Juras­sic World – which ac­tu­ally cov­ers the en­tire four- film se­ries – has all the stuff that made pre­vi­ous games great ( mis­chievous van­dal­ism, gen­tle puzzles, the glut­tonous con­sump­tion of studs) in a set­ting alive with the undi­min­ished spirit of child­like ad­ven­ture.

As is tra­di­tional for Lego games, key char­ac­ter traits are trans­formed into abil­i­ties, used to solve puzzles. Alan Grant can chop through vines us­ing a Rap­tor claw he ex­ca­vates; Owen Grady can sneak around while cloaked; Tim Mur­phy can use his night vi­sion gog­gles to ex­plore dark places. The ladies come off slightly worse: they’re gen­er­ally stuck with the “can jump a bit higher” trait. El­lie Sattler, be­ing a palaeob­otanist, comes with a wa­ter­ing can and the Poi­son Ivy- alike abil­ity to grow plants; Lex gets the abil­ity to scream and shat­ter glass. It’s slightly less rub­bish than it sounds, and she also gets a con­so­la­tory base­ball to chuck about.

Not all the ad­di­tions are so bright. Char­ac­ters can track by fol­low­ing a glow­ing bread­crumb trail of in­for­ma­tion, un­cov­er­ing se­cret so­lu­tions to puzzles. Think Mos­quito In Am­ber: The Game – it’s tol­er­a­ble, if hum­drum, and need­lessly slow. The QTEs are less welcome, re­duc­ing iconic Juras­sic Park mo­ments to timed but­ton in­puts. But you can hap­pily over­look this stuff be­cause other bits are so per­fectly paced. The kitchen scene, with Lex and Tim scrab­bling away from Ve­loci­rap­tors, is a mas­ter­piece re­made with in­ter­lock­ing slabs. Pans siz­zle. Pots clank. Lizards get locked in freez­ers. Plot and di­a­logue are glee­fully folded into the game, and it rarely feels forced.

An ob­vi­ous word of cau­tion, though: it’s rather spoil­ery if you haven’t yet seen Juras­sic World. Matt El­liott

In a fit­ting trib­ute to both Lego and you can build your own hy­brid di­nosaurs from the bits of di­nos you’ve de­feated.

Has all the stuff that made the old games great

So will UB40 write a song about this?

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