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1 B- 9 Ro­bot Fig­ure

Diamond Se­lect | Height: 27.5cm | RRP: £ 44.99 | FPI price: £ 34.99 | Cat­a­logue num­ber: C1369 “Dan­ger, Will Robin­son! Dan­ger! A hos­tile force has shrunk me to a height of 11!”

“Er… I hate to break this to you, but you’re ac­tu­ally just a fig­ure. Not the real B- 9 ro­bot from camp ’ 60s se­ries Lost In Space.” “I can­not ac­cept that data. Does not com­pute!” “It’s true. But don’t be sad! Thanks to flash­ing lights, ex­tend­able arms, and claws that open and close, you’re pretty neat. Plus you’re pre- pro­grammed with 15 phrases.” “Then how am I con­vers­ing with you?” “Ah. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten those mush­rooms I found in the woods.”

3 Star Trek Re­ac­tion Fig­ures

Funko | Height: 10cm | RRP: £ 9.99 each | FPI price: £ 8.99 each | Cat­a­logue num­ber: C7121, C7122, C7129, C7130 Clas­sic Trek is the latest fran­chise to get the “sim­pli­fied retro for­mat” treat­ment of the Re­ac­tion range, which repli­cates the style of ’ 70s Ken­ner fig­ures with nos­tal­gia- in­duc­ingly wonky re­sults. Wave one fea­tures Uhura, Sulu ( who, shock­ingly, ac­tu­ally looks a bit like Ge­orge Takei), Spock and Bones. All have a lit­tle ac­ces­sory: Uhura’s is a com­mu­ni­ca­tor; Bones and Spock have tri­corders; Sulu’s pack­ing a phaser. A sec­ond wave should be avail­able by the time you read this: Kirk, Scotty, the Gorn from “Arena”, and Vina, Pike’s love in­ter­est from pi­lot “The Cage”, in green­skinned Orion slave girl form.

4 Ad­ven­ture Time Nest­ing Dolls

Bif Bang Pow | Height: 15cm | RRP: £ 26.99 | FPI price: £ 22.99 | Cat­a­logue num­ber: B7908 The love­able res­i­dents of Ooo have been im­mor­talised by all man­ner of merch, but if you’re af­ter some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent from plushies and ac­tion fig­ures then look no fur­ther than these lovely Ma­tryoshka dolls. Finn, Jake, PB, the Ice King and BMO are rep­re­sented, with each of the five dolls made out of solid wood, with a pleas­ing hand- painted look. The tra­di­tional elon­gated shape does make Finn and Jake look like they’ve taken a nasty bump to the nog­gin though.

2 Iron Man Ar­mour Gloves

Has­bro | Length: 20cm | RRP: £ 33.99 | FPI price: £ 26.99 | Cat­a­logue num­ber: C6919 You’ve worn Hulk’s big green fists; now slip on Tony Stark’s mitts for that full- on Iron Man ex­pe­ri­ence. Well, as long as “full- on” is stick­ing your right hand out, press­ing the big but­ton on the palm and hear­ing five sec­onds of techy, groany sounds. You can’t imag­ine Whiplash would be cowed into sur­ren­der. In­stead, why not save them un­til win­ter when your toasty pinkies will be the envy of all your pals – pi­ano play­ing might be a strug­gle, but, hey, who plays pi­ano in the freez­ing cold any­way?!

6 Doc­tor Who cos­tumes Wal­let

un­der­ground Toys | Width: 11.5 cm | RRP: £ 9.99 | FPI price: £ 8.99 | Cat­a­logue num­ber: C6784 Need a handy re­cep­ta­cle for your UNIT ID card, wad of Mon­dasian cy­ber- groats and that trea­sured scrap of pa­per with River Song’s phone num­ber scrawled upon it in lip­stick? Look no fur­ther. This faux- leather wal­let also serves as a trusty aide mem­oire for cos­play­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties, sum­maris­ing each Doc­tor’s dis­tinc­tive fash­ion choices ( let Colin Baker be a daily wardrobe warn­ing to you all). It’s a lovely shade of TARDIS blue on the in­side, too.

5 Map of Wes­teros Flight Bag

un­der­ground Toys | Width: 36cm | RRP: £ 22.99 | FPI price: £ 18.99 | Cat­a­logue num­ber: C1305 The ideal thing to carry your Dragon­glass dag­gers about in. As you can see, it fea­tures a map of the Game Of Thrones fan­tasy realm on the side. Plus, it has zipup in­ner and outer com­part­ments, per­fect for stor­ing a packet of tis­sues; that’ll come in handy when your en­tire fam­ily is bru­tally slaugh­tered. Plus, it smells of black PVC, which will prob­a­bly bring back happy mem­o­ries. Don’t act the in­no­cent with me, you know what I’m talk­ing about. Also avail­able: a flight bag fea­tur­ing the House Stark sigil.

7 Vader and chew­bacca Fabrika­tions

Funko | Height: 18.5cm/ 16.5cm | RRP: £ 19.99 each | FPI price: £ 16.99 | Cat­a­logue num­bers: C2902, C6327 Faith­ful read­ers may re­mem­ber that we fea­tured a plush fig­ure of Boba Fett a few is­sues back. Now he’s joined by another two ad­di­tions to Funko’s cud­dly Fabrika­tions range. It should be a per­fect fit for Chew­bacca, but he ac­tu­ally seems a bit too furry – there’s so much of it flap­ping over his eyes that we’re wor­ried that he’ll walk into a bulk­head. Mean­while, there’s some­thing a bit Fam­ily Guy about the Darth Vader fig­ure, like Stewie’s dressed up for Hal­loween.

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