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Molly Woods re­turns for the sec­ond sea­son of Ex­tant

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what can you tell us about the new sea­son? Sea­son two is a re­boot, so we’re tak­ing the themes of sea­son one a lit­tle bit fur­ther. Last year’s show was a self- con­tained story be­cause we didn’t know if we were go­ing to come back for more. Now, we can head off in lots of dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions. where do we find Molly at the start of the sea­son? At the be­gin­ning, we find Molly in a place called the Rest Well Re­cov­ery Cen­ter. It’s ba­si­cally a men­tal hos­pi­tal and she’s there against her will, but then along comes JD Richter – played by Jeffrey Dean Mor­gan. He takes her away to help solve a crime. How would you de­scribe the re­la­tion­ship be­tween the pair? These two un­likely peo­ple form a bond and a con­nec­tion. They quickly re­alise that they both need each other – and they have great chem­istry. How much do Molly’s two chil­dren – ro­bot kid ethan and her name­less half- alien child – fea­ture in the story of sea­son two? Sea­son two is not just about Ethan and the hu­manic world of robots. It’s also about her half alien/ half hu­man child. We’ll be ask­ing, “What do they want? Could Molly be the key to evo­lu­tion? Would we be wiser, smarter and bet­ter if we co- ex­isted with them in some way? Would our species grow? Would we evolve? Is this what we need to do to get to the next step of our evo­lu­tion?” How do these ques­tions af­fect Molly? Molly is in the mid­dle be­cause she’s mother of both chil­dren. She’s got one foot in each world and she has to nav­i­gate her way through this process, which has been a lot of fun for me to play. adam tan­swell Ex­tant sea­son two airs Thurs­days on Ama­zon Prime.

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