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Look­ing to dive into Voy­ager? You’ve come to the right place…

Scorpion parts 1 & 2 ( Sea­son 3, Ep 26; Sea­son 4, Ep 1)

A mid- show re­set point, this two- parter sees the Voy­ager crew con­front the Borg — and team up with them?

year of hell parts 1 & 2 ( Sea­son 4, Eps 8 and 9)

Voy­ager en­coun­ters an alien with a weapon that can erase any­thing from history. Af­ter a ter­ri­ble de­feat, Janeway re­builds her forces over an en­tire year.

la­tent im­age ( Sea­son 5, Ep 11)

Never in­tended to be a full- time mem­ber of Voy­ager, the Doc­tor dis­cov­ers that a por­tion of his mem­ory has been wiped by the crew he works with ev­ery day.

equinox parts 1 & 2 ( Sea­son 5, Ep 26; Sea­son 6, Ep 1)

Voy­ager dis­cov­ers another Fed­er­a­tion star­ship stranded in the Delta quad­rant — only one that has failed to live up to the moral stan­dards of Janeway and crew.

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