JonatHan strange & Mr nor­rell

Did the Beeb’s adap­ta­tion cast a spell over SFX’s Face­book fol­low­ers?

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Ex­cel­lent per­for­mances from all the cast and nice to see the BBC of­fer some­thing dif­fer­ent on a Sun­day night. Robert Allen

The best thing the BBC has done in a long time.

Daniel Sav­age

Typ­i­cal Bri­tish pe­riod drama mixed in with a bit of magic, like a grown- up Harry Pot­ter.

Robert Wil­liam Graham

It has a good cast, lovely cos­tumes, a ter­rific con­cept and it looks great... so why is it so deadly, mind blis­ter­ingly dull? I’ve given up on it as I have some paint to watch dry. Beige. Beige paint. Steve Hyett

Re­ally wanted to like this, but de­spite fine act­ing, pho­tog­ra­phy and ef­fects it just didn’t hold me. Kept go­ing through three eps

but have now given up. May try it again later in the year as it feels like an au­tumn/ win­ter se­ries.

Robert White

I’m ab­so­lutely lov­ing it. For those call­ing it dull, I’m re­minded of a quote from Jane Austen – “I do not write for such dull elves / As have not a great deal of in­ge­nu­ity them­selves.”

Zoe Wor­thing­ton

A lit­tle slow ( but then the book was rather gla­cial in its pace) but I am en­joy­ing it. Slightly too close an adap­ta­tion, like Watch­men.

Neil Bartlett

I loved the book and the Beeb’s adap­tion does it to­tal jus­tice with an orig­i­nal feel­ing of its own – a bit Pride And Prej­u­dice And Ma­gi­cians.

Rik Laan

The cast are bril­liant and the im­mer­sion in the al­ter­nate timeline is en­gag­ing and cred­i­ble. A far su­pe­rior prod­uct to the aptly named Penny Dread­ful.

Thomas Davies

Fan­tas­tic, I just wish more peo­ple were watch­ing it.

Steve Wasling

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