Body hop­ping has been go­ing on in sci- fi for yonks. But how closely have you been pay­ing at­ten­tion? Test your­self!

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Test your knowl­edge of body swap­ping!

1 Which body- swap tale about a cer­tain day of the week has Dis­ney made three ver­sions of ?

2 In 1988’ s 18 Again!, which el­derly ac­tor swaps bod­ies with 18- year- old Char­lie Sch­lat­ter?

3 With which 1988 Tom Hanks movie did Penny Mar­shall be­come the first fe­male di­rec­tor to di­rect a film that grossed more than $ 100 mil­lion?

4 Lily Tom­lin’s spirit ends up in which comic ac­tor’s body in 1984’ s All Of Me?

5 Who was The Hot Chick in 2002?

6 True or false: El­ton John pro­duced 2006’ s It’s A Boy Girl Thing.

7 Star Trek episode “Turn­about In­truder”, in which Kirk be­comes trapped in the body of an in­sane woman, is sig­nif­i­cant for what rea­son?

8 Which leg­end of silent com­edy di­rected one of the very first body- swap films, Turn­about, in 1940?

9 Sylvester Stal­lone and Arnold Sch­warzeneg­ger were orig­i­nally con­sid­ered for which 1997 John Woo film?

10 Get a point for nam­ing ei­ther one of the body swap­pers in 1987’ s Like Fa­ther Like Son.

11 Sharon Gless, of Cag­ney & Lacey fame, starred as a woman in her hus­band’s body in which ob­scure 1979 TV show?

12 In Doc­tor Who episode “New Earth” which mon­ster tem­po­rar­ily in­hab­its Rose Tyler?

13 Quan­tum Leap had Dr Sam Beck­ett jump­ing into other peo­ple’s bod­ies. What was cu­ri­ous about the cap­tion in the clos­ing mo­ments of the fi­nal episode?

14 Fill in the miss­ing word on the fol­low­ing films: Ev­ery *** Has His Date ( 2001), *** matic ( 1999), The Shaggy *** ( 2006) and Oh Heav­enly *** ( 1980).

15 In which film did this cou­ple swap bod­ies?

16 Ryan Reynolds starred in ap­palling body- swap com­edy The Change- Up. Who was the ac­tor mar­ried to un­til 2011?

17 Red Dwarf episode “Bodyswap” is no­table for be­ing the first of the se­ries to be what?

18 The Pris­oner episode “Do Not For­sake Me Oh My Dar­ling ” largely has ac­tor Nigel Stock as Num­ber Six, rather than Pa­trick McGoohan. Why?

19 Name the movie where Ed­die Mur­phy and An­to­nio Ban­deras’s char­ac­ters swap bod­ies.

20 Guy Pearce starred in 1996 body swap com­edy Dat­ing The En­emy. But what coun­try was the ac­tor born in?

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